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No TOEFL is required for international students.

No IELTS exam is required to study in the USA.

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Why Study ESL?

For school, work, and business.

The world is becoming more and more interconnected every day. As it becomes possible to communicate with anyone in the world in real time, there is really only one remaining obstacle: language. There are over 6,500 languages spoken around the world. The second most common of these languages, after Mandarin, is English.

English is considered to be one of the most important languages to learn for a variety of reasons. Most international business in conducted in English, so if you are looking to be employed by an international company, you will likely need to meet minimum English requirements in order to advance your career.

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English class NYC

ESL Curriculum

The Study ESL program takes the learning non-native English speaker all the way from fundamental English grammar points through to advanced English level skills. All lexical items are integrated and reinforced through large and small group oral activities, role plays and written exercises. Each term is 15-16 weeks in length. Total program duration is 11-12 months.
Program cost: $1,664 per term

Term 1 (Beginner / Elementary level)

Classes in this term stress conversation and speaking in complete sentences. Basic grammar is introduced incrementally as the students progress.

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Term 2 (Pre-Intermediate / Intermediate level)

Classes in this term build upon conversation skills developed in previous classes and introduce grammar knowledge and vocabulary relevant to intermediate level students.

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Term 3 (Upper Intermediate / Advanced level)

Classes within this term promote more advanced level listening, understanding, reading and writing. Texts used include articles about famous people and historical events.

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